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Course Catalog, (un)enrolling for courses (for students)

Course Catalog, (un)enrolling for courses (for students)

General information about enrolling for courses can be found on the Enrolling and unenrolling for courses page.

Brightspace Course Catalog enables you to enroll in all courses that apply to your studies and that are open for self-enrollment. To enroll, follow the explanations below. Expand each topic by clicking on the .

  1. Login to Brightspace  using your netID and password.
  2. Click on Catalog in the navigation bar. The Brightspace course catalog will display. Here you can browse courses using the search field. It is also possible to filter search results by quarter, faculty or organization.

In case you are not automatically logged in to the Course Catalog, click login at the right top corner of the page to automatically refresh your login.

When you add search filters, your search will be expanded, instead of narrowed down. To narrow it down, select the checkbox for the relevant faculty, and then type in your search criteria.

  1. Find the course you wish to register for and click on it.
  2. Click on Log in to be able to Enroll.

You can see the courses you are enrolled in by clicking on My Courses.

If you have enrolled in a course via Course Catalog, you can follow these steps:
  1. Open the Course Catalog.
  2. Click on My Courses.
  3. Search the course from which you wish to unenroll.
  4. Select the course and click Unenroll.

If you have registered for a course via MyTUDelft, you can only unenroll via MyTUDelft.


Only (regular) students that self-enroll for courses through the Course Catalog have access to the Course Catalog. Contact if you are not sure. If you cannot find a course in the Course Catalog, it is possible that the lecturer has not made the course available yet, or the course is not open for self-enrollment. Please contact your lecturer.

You are most likely still enrolled in the Brightspace course in the Course Catalog, even though you are unenrolled from the course. Simply go to the Course Catalog and enroll yourself, then unenroll yourself again. The course should now be removed from your Course Catalog’ My Courses list.

You have most likely been unenrolled from the course by the lecturer, or the course might no longer exist. Please contact your lecturer.

If your course registration was done through Osiris, you can only unenroll from the course in Brightspace after deregistering in Osiris. Otherwise, although it might look like you have successfully unenrolled in Brightspace, Osiris will automatically re-enroll you in the Brightspace course overnight.

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