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Hiding grades from students until you are ready to release them

Hiding grades from students until you are ready to release them

You can choose to make a grade column invisible to students, either because you do not want them to see it at all, or because you want to release it at a later date. You might be unable to grade all students in one go, for example, or you might want to adjust the grades after grading. To prevent confusing your students, it is recommended to keep the grades hidden until you can release all of them at the same time.

  1. Click on Grades in the navigation bar to access the gradebook. You can also find a ‘Grades’ link in the Assessment section of the Course Admin page. Switch to the Manage Grades tab and edit one of your grade items by selecting Edit.
  2. Go to the Restrictions tab. Here you find the options to directly hide the grade item from students, set a date range or to attach release conditions.
  3. Make your preferred selection and click Save and Close.

You can now edit the grades for this item without the students seeing them. Do not forget to make the grade item visible again once you are done.

It is possible to Release/Unrelease the final grades to all or selected students, see the steps below.

  1. Go to Enter grades and then scroll to the column with the grade item you would like to grade.
  2. Click the arrow next to the final grade and then select Enter Grades.
  3. Under “Users” you can select all students or select a few and click the option Release/Unrelease. Click Save and Close.

Do note that once you release grades students with active notifications will be notified.

To quickly unrelease all final grades, click the dropdown menu next to the Final Grades title and select Unrelease All.

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