Training & Support

Training & Support

There is a range of teaching and learning services available, including the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ/BKO), Continuing Professional Development, and advice on building and improving your course. You can consult our learning developers, blended learners, and didactical trainers on course development, supervision, teaching, and assessing.

University Teaching Qualification (UTQ/BKO)

The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ/BKO) programme provides new university teaching staff with the opportunity to develop the competencies necessary to carry out their current and future teaching duties.  

The UTQ trajectory contains 5 modules: 

Each UTQ course is practical and directly relates to your teaching or supervision tasks. The full UTQ programme is completed by writing a final proof of competence and an interview with the assessment committee. 

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Continuing Professional Development

We also offer a range of courses and workshops to help lecturers, PhDs and student assistants to improve their teaching both online and on campus. Join one of our many workshops on topics such as Brightspace, Board of Studies, creating rubrics or video scripts. To register, go to the TLS opleidingsprotaal.

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For short consults/advice on didactical matters

Contact Learning Development (TLS) at

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