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About Course Information (Coursebase/Study Guide)

About Course Information (Coursebase/Study Guide)

Each course in Brightspace is now provided with information about the course from the TU Delft Study Guide (Coursebase). You can find this information under Content > Course Information in your Brightspace Course. Together, the modules under Course Information construct the course syllabus and form a guide for the student to the course.

  • Course description (from the Study guide): A brief description of the topics covered in the course, sometimes separated in Lectures and practical Exercises.
  • Learning Objectives: This submodule answers the questions ‘What will you have learnt by the end of the course’ and is a guideline for the topics to be assessed.
  • Course structure and dates: The course structure explains the buildup of the course (how many lectures, how many practical exercises, etc).
  • Assessment: This submodule explains the number of assessments and types and explains the number of ECT points per assessment.
  • Resources and tools: Listing of any resources and tools that will be used during the course, practical’s, assessments and other instances.
  • Staff and Support: Who is who in the course and how can students reach them best?

Although it is not mandatory to use the Course Information module in a course, it is highly recommended to offer information that comprises and represents a syllabus so students are prepared to take an active role in the course offering. You may choose to only show certain Course Information submodules. Any submodules that you wish not to show, can be set to ‘Hide from Users’ in order to be hidden from Student’s view. For more information on changing content to ‘Hidden’, please click here.

If you find that information in the Course Information module is not correct, please contact your Faculty Coordinator or Faculty Mandate, who can change the information in the Study guide. Changes that have been made to the Study Guide, will automatically be reflected in Brightspace after 24 hours.

In case the wrong language is displayed in the Course Information module, please check the study guide first. By default, the English text in the Study Guide is copied to Brightspace. If no English text is available in the Study Guide, the Dutch texts will be used. If you would like to make changes, please contact your Faculty Coordinator or Faculty Mandate, who can process any changes in the Study Guide. Changes that have been made to the Study Guide, will automatically be reflected in Brightspace after 24 hours.

Adding more information
Next to making the Study Guide information available in your course, there is also the possibility to add your own information, using HTML templates. In order to do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the respective course
  2. Choose the submodule under Course Information
  3. Here, you will find two content items:
    a) The information from the study guide
    b) A webpage matching the topic of the submodule (i.e. Course information, staff and Support, etc)
  4. Select the Webpage content item
  5. Any empty HTML page opens
  6. Select the Edit HTML button
  7. You are now able to add and edit text. Knowledge of HTML is not required
  8. When done, select the Update button to save your information


The HTML pages are set to ‘Hidden’ by default and therefore not visible for students. Please change the status from ‘Hidden’ to ‘Visible’ to allow students to view the page.

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