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Adding Grades

Adding Grades

The grading possibilities include:

  • Entering Grades directly – Enter grades using the Brightspace grade centre.
  • Using Formulas – Enter grades with a formula to calculate the final grade.
  • Exporting and Importing Grades – Enter grades from a spreadsheet if you prefer working in Excel.
 You must set up your Gradebook before any grades are entered. You cannot change the way your Gradebook is set up once grades are entered into the columns.
When grading Group Assignments, the grade should not be entered in the Gradebook as these will only be assigned to a single student. To enter one grade for all group members, please enter the grade in the submission folder. The grade will then be assigned to all members of that group and will consequently appear in the Gradebook for each student.
A new feature has been implemented for locking the “name column/header row” so that instructors can scroll through user grades without losing the context for which and whose grades they are looking at.
This feature is present on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.
The locked Name column /header row will not be active when using a small screen space such as a mobile device.


  1. Click on Grades and go to Enter Grades.
  2. Choose your grade entry view by switching between Spreadsheet view and Standard view and enter your grades by filling in the students’ grades for each item.
    • In Spreadsheet view, the entry is much like a spreadsheet. There are empty cells that you can enter the grades into. You can do this for multiple grades, for multiple students, for multiple columns, in one go.
    • In Standard view, you can click on the name of the student, and fill in the grades across all the columns of the gradebook. You can also add comments. These comments are shown as feedback to the student, whereas private comments are seen by people with grading access.
  3. Save your grades by clicking the Save button.
    If you click the Back button or another link on the site, you can lose all the edits you have just made. So click on the Save button regularly while using this view.
  4. Optional: Grade all students at once for one grade item by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the grade item and choosing Enter Grades.
  5. Optional: Click on Preview to view the grades to see what a student taking the course will see.
  6. Click on Save and Close to finish.
  7. To modify or add grades for multiple students, click on Save, and use the arrow buttons at the top to navigate between students in the classlist.
  8. Optional: To add feedback go to Assignments. After clicking Assignments, click the specific assignment and then click the submitted document per student. There, you will find the feedback area.
Grades entered in Assignments and Grade Book are synchronized.
  1. Click on Grades and go to Settings
  2. Go to the Calculation Options tab and select Formula under the heading Grading System.
  3. Click on Save and once the changes have been saved click on Close.
  4. Click on Grades and go to Manage Grades.
  5. Choose either:
    • Expand the “Final Calculated Grade” item using the dropdown menu and select Edit Grade Item.
    • Create a new Calculated Grade by clicking on New and then Item and choosing Formula.
  6.  Below “Grading” click on Edit Using the Formula Editor to define the Points Received.
  7. Type your formula in the space provided and click on Insert.

You can also download an additional file that gives an overview of some of the options that you can use along with a few examples.

It is possible to adjust Export the Grade Book, enter or update grades in Excel and then Import the the grades in the Grade Book
Read how to Import and Export the Grade Book

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