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Check your course as a student

Check your course as a student

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When making changes to your course website it is possible to view your course as a student to see what the student will see when they view your course. This can be done in two steps:

1.    Click on your name in the top right corner.

2.    Then click on View as Student.

This takes you back to the start page of the course site. So you will also need to click on Content before you see that section of the course from a student’s view. Notice that all the editing buttons that you have as instructor or TA disappear.


When you are finished viewing as student, you can revert back to editing by clicking on your name and then clicking the cross to exit student view. To view the course with a different role, e.g. TA, click Change next to your name as shown in the image and choose the role you are interested in.

You can also look at the gradebook from the student’s perspective, to ensure that you are giving all the information to help them understand how their grade is calculated. Another method to do this can be found in the pages on the gradebook.



Hidden view VS Visible view with a date in the future

  • Items marked as hidden in your instructor view are not visible in the student view at all. Students do not know that they exist. The “Hidden from Users” setting applies not only to content, but also to modules and sub-modules. The content within a Hidden module is not displayed to students either.
  • If you set a piece of content to be visible, but change the release date to the future, students will see the name of the content, but they cannot access it yet. This can be used in a positive way: this gives learners a hint or preview of what is to come, without the actual content being revealed.


Please take note: this functionality only gives you an overview of what is visible to your students. Your own user role might influence what you see in the student view. For example you will not be able to take a quiz or grade your own submissions. If time permits, contact Brightspace Support and have the Student Assistants test your course with you.
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How to use this to improve your course

  • While viewing your course in student mode you can try out various student actions, such as uploading assignments. But these actions are temporary.

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