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Since August 2021 a new plagiarism detection tool, Ouriginal, is in use at the TU Delft. As a consequence of discontinuing Turnitin, the tools Grademark and Peermark are no longer be available. There are however alternatives in place for these tools:
Check alternatives for Grademark.
Check alternatives for Peermark.


Functionalities from Grademark are: annotations/commenting and grading. This includes rubrics.
These functionalities, Annotations, Grading and Rubrics, are all available in Brightspace as well.

Another option is to use FeedbackFruits Assignment Review. This tool also provides features to annotate, grade and use rubrics. The tool also gives the option to reuse feedback that you used with previous assignments. To activate FeedbackFruits Assignment Review, please contact

A third option is to use ANS Delft. ANS is an assessment tool with multiple assessments types, one of which is a hand-in assignment. One of the feedback options in ANS is Quick comments, which can be used to prepare multiple comments you often use.

ANS Delft is not supported by Teaching & Learning Support, in case of any issues you have to go to the ANS support website or contact ANS via

An alternative for Peermark is FeedbackFruits Peer Review. To activate FeedbackFruits Peer Review, please contact

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