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TurningPoint is a system which allows students to participate actively in class, by giving responses to polls. This system, by Turning Technologies, fully integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint, and allows students to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a keypad or any device with internet connection.

To use TurningPoint you will need to log in to an account and create a session. Students can then use their smartphones to join the session.

The starting point is to fill in a request form in TOPdesk, via Self Service Portal. The installation on a TU computer is arranged by Teaching Support and performed by WPS of the faculty.

Find below more information on how to use TurningPoint:

You can reserve online presenter-accounts so students can use their mobile device (App or browser). Click here to proceed with your reservation.

Please see the guidelines on How to use TurningPoint in this separate page, here.

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