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Getting started with MS Teams

Getting started with MS Teams

Everyone at the TU Delft can use Teams. Teams is available through the browser, but it is recommended to install Teams on your PC, Linux or Mac. You can also download the app on your phone and tablet.

The Safari browser on Mac does not fully support Teams, please use Chrome instead, or even better, download the app.
Log in with [Your NetID]

Go to the Microsoft Teams website to download Teams for your pc. If you have a computer that is managed by the TU Delft ICT department you can find Teams in the Software Center. If you work in Windows 7 you can use Teams in your browser at You can also install the app on your mobile phone or tablet. Please be aware that Microsoft collects telemetric data (which hardware and software you use) through its mobile apps. This is not the case if you use Teams via your computer.

Manuals for installing Teams per operating system are available on the ICT Manuals page:

Installing Teams on Windows
Installing Teams on Mac
Installing Teams on Linux

When you need help installing Teams on your PC or laptop, please contact your Service Desk or make a call in the Self Service Portal.

Login with [Your NetID] and your password.

Teams Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) from Microsoft is used to ensure that (y)our data is properly secured. It is advisable to choose for authentication via the mobile app when activating, that way it is only a one-button operation in the app on your smartphone. Your phone number will be requested so that your account can be authenticated with a code, in addition to logging in with your [Your NetID] and password. Please follow the MFA manual for one-time activation.

When you need help logging in, please contact your Service Desk or make a call in the Self Service Portal.

TU Delft Teaching and Learning support aims to support teaching staff regarding the use of Microsoft Teams in education. If you have other questions of more technical nature, please check the manuals online, review M365 support team, or submit a call for ICT Teams.

Are you a student? Please contact the Student IT Desk for support

Technical Support (Help, something doesn’t work!)

Technical support is offered by ICT Teams. When you need help installing Teams on your PC or laptop or logging in; or when something does not work:

  1. Check the manuals page.
  2. Ask your question/search for your question in the M365 and Teams support Community in Teams.
    You can also join with a code:

    1. Go to Teams and click on Teams  in the navigation bar on the left.
    2. Select Join or create team.
    3. Join a team with a code > Enter code 6nx0wc3.
  3. Request a call in the Self Service Portal if you did not find your answer in a manual or in the community.

Functional Support (How do I use MS Teams?)

Functional educational support is offered by TLS Support. If you need help with the functionalities in Teams:

  1. Visit the Teams pages on our support Website.
  2. Contact Teaching & Learning Support if you did not find your answer on the website.

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