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Remote assessment: remote oral exams

Remote assessment: remote oral exams

This downloadable guide for remote oral exams is intended for lecturers who want to switch the assessment of their course to a remote oral exam. The content is based on educational best practices in oral exams and remote assessment, the possibilities and limitations of the software stipulated for use by TU Delft and the invaluable input of several experienced lecturers at TU Delft who regularly do oral exams, all be it generally not remote.

The guide is written by Gillian Saunders-Smits of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering.

Please take the rules and regulations for oral examinations and privacy into account. In this guide, we describe the rules and regulations around the security and privacy of oral examinations. This guide is based on the advice of the TU Delft privacy team and Library DMA team.

A privacy example: oral exams work with time slots. Students can register themselves for your available time slots in Brightspace. Setting this up is not totally straightforward, but needs to be compliant with privacy regulations. Therefore, you need to create groups with names that represent the timeslots (for example ‘Student 1. 11 May 9:00’, ‘Student 2. 11 May, 9:35’).

Table of contents of the ‘how-to-guide for remote oral exams’

  1. For whom?
  2. Selecting a remote oral exam
    1. Which type of remote oral exam fits my course?
    2. Regulatory requirements for remote oral exams
  3. Designing your remote oral exam
    1. Step 1: Create an assessment matrix
    2. Step 2: Create assignments and exam questions (and answers)
    3. Step 3: Decide on grading and create a grading scheme
    4. Step 4: Create an exam script
    5. Step 5: Create a sample exam
  4. Student communication
  5. The actual exam
  6. More information

Appendix A: Checklist
Appendix B: Do’s and Don’ts
Appendix C: Rubrics
Appendix D: Example of a face-to-face oral exam
    Includes student communication, take-home assignment, and the grading sheet
Appendix E: Template grading sheet remote oral exam.

Download the Guidelines on Oral Exams for Lecturers

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