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Osiris: for lecturers

Osiris: for lecturers

OSIRIS is the system for educational administration at TU Delft. The Studentportal of Osiris is MyTUDelft. Here students can register for courses and exams, and check published grades.

Concerning examinations, the following applies:

  • Exam dates are fixed, no later than the first Monday after the last exam block.
  • Students can register for their exam in the 8 to 6 days before the examination date. The 6 days before the exam are needed for administration purposes.
  • Locations will be determined no later than 1 week before the examination date. Lecturers can from that moment also find the location in the planning.
  • All locations for exams will be announced 1 week in advance!

Registering results in OSIRIS:


Registering results in OSIRIS (Advanced):

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