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How to navigate in Brightspace

How to navigate in Brightspace

Once logged in, the Brightspace Home Page will be displayed. At the top of the page you will see the TU Delft logo where you can click to bring you back to the Home Page at anytime to access courses, see general announcements and find external portals. In this page we will cover the following features:

  • Navigation Bar: where it is located and what it contains.
  • Personalising: how to personalise your Brightspace settings.
  • Finding your courses: see which courses you are enrolled.
  • Pinning and Unpinning: adjust which courses you see.

Below the TU Delft icon, you will find the navigation bar. Here you will find links to the following:

My Home – to take you back to the Home Page
My Timetable – where you can see the schedule of various courses
MyTUDelft – Study information system for study results and registration for exams, courses and minors.
Catalog – to view courses available for enrolling
Resources – links to Collegerama; My Kaltura Media and Software Download
Help – link to the support website and tips for how to use Brightspace

Click through each of these to orientate yourself.

To the right, you will see the following icons:
Course Menu (which looks like a waffle)
Message Alerts, for email and instant messaging
Subscription alerts – shows students when there’s a new post in a forum, topic, or thread that you’ve subscribed to in instant notifications
Notifications (there will be an orange dot indicating new, unread notifications)
Profile picture, with your name next to it.

Click on your name to expand the settings menu. Here you can:

  • Set up your profile
  • Change notification settings
  • Change account settings
  • Progress
  • Log out of Brightspace

Below the navigation bar you will find general Announcements, Current Homepage and My Courses.

You can search for any course in Brightspace with the course code or course name. Only courses to which you are the course manager/ instructor / tutor will be visible to you.

To Pin or Unpin a course:

  1. Click on the TU Delft logo on the top left of the page
  2. On the right of the screen click on the course list icon to see all your courses (see image below)
  3. Once all your courses are visible you can pin or unpin by clicking the Drawing Pin icon next to the course you are interested in. A dark coloured pin means pinned and will appear on your homepage and at the top of your course list.
  4. You can also pin or unpin your courses using the My Courses widget. On your homepage click the dots in the top right corner of a course and click Pin.
Further information about the My (Pinned) Courses widget can be found on this page.

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