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(Un)enrolling students for your course

(Un)enrolling students for your course

Adding or removing students from your course is usually the role of an administrator in your department or faculty. They will bulk enroll all students before the start of the quarter or semester of your course. They will also take care of removing students that are deregistered. However, it is sometimes necessary, especially in a small course or at the master’s level to enroll students yourself.

Enrolling Students

If you wish to add particular student(s), TA’s or other instructors, you can do this using two options mentioned here:

  1. Bulk Enroll large groups – Use this option if you wish to enroll a batch of students using a *.txt file.
  2. Enrolling Individual users – Use this option if you wish to enroll individuals or small groups.

To see the steps to follow for each option click on the + next to the option you are interested in.

If you have the student numbers of the students who need access to your course, you can enroll them yourself very quickly. If you only have their NetIDs, you can request Teaching & Learning Support to process the enrollment request.
  1. Click on Course Admin.
  2. Select Classlist.
  3. Click on Add Participants and select Import users from a file on your computer.

    You can now download the sample file from the page to have a look at the format of the file to be imported
    Your file should look like this:
    file format bulk import picture
  4. Prepare the file while keeping the following in mind:
    • Use the student numbers (Org Defined ID). For staff, this will be the NetID.
    • The role must be defined for every line in the file, and the delimiter must be a comma (,). This means that every student number in the file must be followed by ,student
    • Save the file as either a .TXT or .CSV file.
    You can use Excel to quickly add similar roles to a large number of NetIDs. You can then copy the whole back into Wordpad for the list to be uploaded on Brightspace.
  5. Import the file by choosing the Import file option and browse to where your file is located.
  6. Click on Import
  7. Select Done.
If all the lines in your file were correct, the Confirmation of Enrollment page will display, indicating that all the enrollments were processed. If there were students listed in the file that were already enrolled in the course, these will also be displayed on the same page. Take note of the Error Description column. Any errors in the rows of your file will correspond to the line numbers listed in the table.
  1. Click on Course Admin.
  2. Select Classlist.
  3. Click on Add Participants and from the drop-down select Add Existing Users.
  4. Search for the students in the search bar by either typing a part of their name, first name, last name or student number (Org Defined ID). Perform the Search.
    Make sure all of these checkboxes are selected. To filter out students that are already enrolled in the course you can uncheck “Include Users already enrolled in org unit”.

  5.  Upon scrolling down you will see your search results. Select the desired user and choose their role. More information about this can be found here.
  6. When the desired user(s) has been selected, click on Enrol Selected Users.
  7. Click Done to process the enrollment.
    Please don’t enroll a student at any other level/role in your course.

Unenrolling Students

Removing a student follows the same principle as Enrolling individual users:
Select their Name, click on Unenroll at the top of the list, confirm the choice and the student has been removed. Bulk unenrolling is not possible. To remove several students go to Admin, click on classlist and select all (or part of) the students to unenroll them.

Lecturers should not be unenrolling students from courses they have taken, that makes it harder to restore results if they are needed at a later date.

Read more about unenrolled students in the accordion below.

When a student is unenrolled, unenrolls him/herself from a course or is set to inactive in Brightspace (not a student at the TU anymore) the following applies to the visibility of the student in courses:

    • Classlist: not visible anymore
    • Grade Center: not visible anymore. Grades still viewable via the enrollment statistics.
      If you want to change the grade of an unenrolled active student, the student must be enrolled in the course again.
  • Discussions: the contributions to discussions remains.
  • Groups: not visible anymore.
  • Quizzes
    • Inactive student: submissions are still visible.
    • Unenrolled student: submissions are not visible anymore.
  • Assignments: Student’s Assignment submissions are no longer visible.
    • Inactive student: Not possible to view submitted Assignments.
    • Unenrolled student: You can access Assignment submissions of unenrolled students via the enrollment statistics, but only if they are linked to a grade item. Ouriginal assignments are not viewable.

As soon as the user is set to active/enrolled again, they will appear on all the places in the course again as if they never left.

Below is an instructional video as an alternative form of help.

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