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Edit properties in-place

Edit properties in-place

Adding a description, Hide from Users, Visible for Users, Dates and Restrictions… This page demonstrates how to customize the properties and settings for items in your course. You can use these to limit availability of content based on, for example, dates, student performance, group membership, or to just add more information to your items.

Click on the + to see how to use each feature:

There is a difference between an item being Visible and an item being marked as Hidden.

Important to know is that if an item is set to Hidden it is never visible to students, no matter what the date and time settings are.

Note: Always set content to “Visible” that you want students to see and use “Hidden” to keep content hidden from students’ visibility.

With this check box control you can set the item to ‘Hidden‘ or ‘Visible‘ for Users.

The Hidden setting is helpful if there are items that you only want to share with your teaching assistants, but not with students. For instance, you can keep your course content hidden, while you are building your course, if you set the status of your modules, sub-modules and/or topics to Hidden.

Note: All the settings explained on the rest of the page are optional, however, they do increase the quality of the design of your course when used correctly. The Learning Developers at the Teaching and Learning Lab can advise you on this.


When you create content items you can also add a description so that students can see more information about the item. This could be text, images or even a video.

  1. Click on drop-down menu of the content item and select Edit Properties In-place.
  2. (optional) To edit many items at once instead of step 1 click Bulk Edit.
  3. One of the options that now appears under the content item is Add a description…, click this to start editing.
  4. A text editor will open and you can add the relevant information.  This is the same as the text editor as when you create a page, to see more on how to use this editor click here
  1. When you have finished click Update (or Done Editing in case of step 2).

When you set content items to Published you can also add a date, so that it is only available to students sometime in the future.

  1. Click to open the drop-down menu of the content item.
  2. Select Edit Properties In-place.
  3. You can now set a date for the item to become available, as well as other settings.


In the student view this appears a little different. The students can see the title of the item that is going to come, with the availability date. That item is not accessible, however which means they cannot click on it. When the date and time is reached in the future, the item becomes accessible (only if is set to Visible).

Note: You can also set an End date so that past that date the content is no longer clickable.

Let us look at some of the other settings available. When you click on Add dates and restrictions you can set the following:

  • Release conditions (click on Create, and choose the criteria that the students must meet to get access to the content item).
  • Set the type of requirement (automatic, manual or not required). This is used by students to keep track of what they still need to view/complete in the course. It is recommended that you either use this setting throughout your course, or not at all. To read more about the Completion Tracker and learn how to set it up in your course, please visit this page here.


Click on Update to save the chosen settings.

How to use this to improve your course

  • Use “Hidden from Users” to share items between instructors and TAs, but not students.
  • Use a future release date to build anticipation and expectation.

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