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Delete content

Delete content

Content you do not need can be (permanently) deleted very easily. Click on the + below to discover how to delete topics, check content before deleting and restore deleted assignment submission folders.

  1. Go to the dropdown menu and click Delete Topic. When deleting topic items, you are presented with the option to remove only, or to permanently delete.
  • The first option only removes the topic from visual display, but the topic remains on your course’s website to be reused in the future.
  • The second option will permanently remove the content from your course.

You can always check what content exists in your course before deleting it.

  1. Click on Course Admin.
  2.  Click on Manage Files and you can see a complete listing on your content. Read more about how to Manage Files in your course.


If there is a chain icon next to the name of a file it indicates that this piece of content is still being used and linked in your course for other items such as an assignment. Items without a link can safely be deleted.

What happens when you do delete something that has the chain item next to it?

Back in your course it appears with a symbol, indicating that that item actually doesn’t exists. The name remains in place, but the content associated with it has been deleted.

So, in general use the first option to remove items you wish to reuse again in the future and use the second option to remove items permanently
  1. Go to your Assignment on the navigation bar.
  2. On the Assignment Submission folder page click More Actions, followed by Event Log.
  3. Find the deleted assignment on the list and click Restore.


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