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Creating a release condition

Creating a release condition

Release conditions allow you to create a custom learning path through the materials in your course. When you attach a release condition to an item, users cannot see that item until they meet the associated condition. For example, you could attach a release condition to the second topic in your course’s content area that would hide that topic until users viewed the topic before it. Or you could create a condition that required users to view a content topic before gaining access to a quiz, or one that required them to post to a discussion topic before they could see a content module.

If you attach multiple conditions to an item, users must meet all conditions before they can access the item. For example, you could require users to visit the first three content topics in a unit before gaining access to an associated quiz.

Once a user meets a release condition, the condition is cleared for that user and cannot be reset. For example, if you attach a release condition to a discussion topic requiring users to achieve more than 60% on a quiz before they can access that topic, and one of your participants receives 72% on the quiz but you adjust their grade to 55% they will be able to access the topic because they did meet the requirement at some point.

To see more information for the topic you are interested in click on the + icon below:

  1. Click the drop-down option next to the item(discussion topic, course file, quiz) where you want to set up the release condition.
  2. Select Edit Properties-in-place.
  3. Click Add dates and restrictions.
  4. From the Release Conditions, you have the option to Create a new release condition or Browse for an existing one.You can use an existing release condition if you want to release several items at once when a learner meets a single condition. To do so, find this release condition via Browse.
  5. Alternatively, if you want to create a new release condition, click Create.
  6. From the Condition Type, select the required condition which should be met. For example: if the student needs to look at the lecture slides (say Lecture 2.1) before accessing the reader, in condition type, select Content and Visited Content Topic.
  7. In the Condition Details, select the Topic, so in this case, we select Lecture 2.1 and click Create.

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