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ConTest is a software based solution to facilitate the processing paper-based exams using answer sheets. It is a replacement for Sonate.

Because the ESA desk is currently closed, please make sure to e-mail upfront to arrange an appointment for the delivery of your Contest exam answered sheets.

YES: If you want to use ConTest as a tool to grade and analyse your test results, you will need a ConTest account. E-mail to receive a ConTest account and add the following information:

  • Programme / Opleiding
  • Course code / Vakcode
  • Title course / Titel vak
  • Name instructor / Naam docent
  • You will have to create your new tests in ConTest yourself.
  • You will have to use a keyform (an answer sheet with the correct answers) OR insert the correct answers in the new test.

NO: If you only want to use the ConTest outcome (data file) of your test and analyse it in a different application than ConTest you will not need a ConTest account:

  • Digital Exams will create your new tests.
  • You must use a keyform for your tests.

Below you can see the steps in the ConTest process, from creating a new test to allowing students to check their answers.

ConTest Manual
Version: August 2021
This manual will be updated regularly


ConTest ReportBook user guide
Version: August 2021
This manual will be updated regularly


  • It is NOT possible to use multiple answers on the answer sheets; only ONE answer per question is possible to scan.
  • Answer sheets need to be printed not copied.
  • Don’t scale the print, keep it on 100%.
  • Don’t modify the answer sheet, if you do we can’t guarantee the forms will scan properly.
  • Always check for the latest version of the answer sheets here.

ConTest answer sheets:

* The 8 choice answer sheet can also be used for 5, 6 or 7 choices

ConTest answer sheets with shuffled answers:

** Always use 4-choice shuffle A for your key form!!

Questions about test evaluation:

If you have questions or need more support on educational aspects or interpretation of the test result analysis, please contact:

  1. Your faculty’s ESA contact person
  2. Assessment advisor at Teaching and Learning Services:

Questions about functionalities, bugs or errors in ConTest:

Or if you need support on technical or account related issues:
Functional application manager:

Status of your tests after handing it over to the ESA-desk

Once you have collected the completed tests you can bring them to the ESA-desk.

  1. When handing this over be sure to add a key form if you use one.
  2. Furthermore, please fill out the Intake form so the colleagues at the ESA-desk know what to do for your specific test.
  3. After you have received an email from you can pick up your answer sheets.


If you don’t have time to pick up your answer sheets yourself, and want a Teaching Assistant to do this, the TA will have to have an employee account. You also have to send an email to letting them know who will pick up your answer sheets, so they can check whether the TA has an employee account, and can check their identity before handing over the answer sheets.

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