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Course Catalog settings

Course Catalog settings

Most Brightspace courses are listed in the Course Catalog, and are available for self-enrollment by students. Some courses will not be visibly listed or available for self-enrollment in the Course Catalog (these agreements are made per faculty).

A course will appear in the Course Catalog once it has been set to Active in Brightspace. Click here to learn how to set your course to active.

At the start of a new Academic Year, all courses are added to the Course Catalog with default settings (unless other agreements have been made with your faculty):

  • Course will be visible in the course catalog once Active in Brightspace,
  • Self-enrollment date is at the start of the new academic year (August 1st) for a course,
  • Self-enrollment closes automatically at the end of the academic year (August 30th) for a course,
  • Enrollment limits are not set for a course.

It is possible to request different visibility and/or self-enrollment settings for the course catalog.


Course Catalog settings available:

  • Course is unlisted and invisible or
  • Course is listed and findable (with or without date restrictions).

If your course is set to be listed and findable, the following optional settings are also available:

  • Available for self-enrollment (with or without date restrictions.)
  • Enrollment approval by instructor (by email);
  • Enrollment limit (unlimited or limited)
  • Waitlisting is available for courses with enrollment limits (unlimited or limited)


Please note:

  • If a course is set to unlisted, they will not be visible in the course catalog and students cannot self-enroll. This setting is most often used if you choose to enroll students yourself or if your course has automatic enrollments from Osiris set up.
  • Listed in the Catalog and being open for self-enrollment are not the same thing. A course can be listed and visible in the course catalog with self-enrollment turned off.
  • If your course is Active in Brightspace, and it is not showing up in the course catalog, it is possible that the course has been set to invisible per your faculty’s request. It is also possible that the course has other settings that are preventing it from showing up in the Course Catalog.
  • You can request Course Catalog settings for your courses in advance (with for instance the use of date restrictions); your course does not yet need to be active for us to make changes to the settings.


Changes to the Course Catalog settings can be requested (by or with the approval of) the Course Manager. Please contact Brightspace Support if you want to check or change the settings for your course(s) in the Course Catalog. We advise that you set up any Course Catalog settings as soon as possible, as processing the request might take a few working days.

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