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Brightspace Matrix

Brightspace Matrix

The Brightspace Matrix offers an interactive rubric in which you can analyse the setup of the basic structure of your Brightspace course. Simply click on the cells in the rubric representing the current setup of your Brightspace course and see what could be changed. When you are finished, click the print button to download your results as PDF.

Brightspace Matrix does not store your data. If you refresh the page, your choices will be lost. If you want to save your data, click the print button and download your analysis as PDF.

The Matrix was developed based on insights from students, lecturers and literature. This tool can help you to improve your course based on your own analysis, but does not guarantee any outcomes.

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How to navigate the Matrix

The Brightspace Matrix is not a tool which can be added to a Brightspace course. The Brightspace Matrix is a tool which helps you review the setup of your Brightspace course, in a similar way as you would use a factsheet.

Navigation instructions:

  • The Brightspace Matrix contains several tabs (Course Home, Course Information, Content, Miscellaneous, Advanced).
  • Per tab, several items are mentioned (i.e. Announcements).
  • Per item in each tab, click the cell that most resembles the way you have set up and apply the item in your Brightspace course.
  • Per item, click Why? to understand why students find it useful and important to pay extra attention to that item.
  • Per item, you can find Examples and references to more information on the Brightspace Support website.
  • When you are finished reviewing your course, you can print your analysis (a summary of your choices in the rubric) to PDF, which will be downloaded locally.
  • If desired, an empty version of the Brightspace Matrix can be downloaded as PDF. This can be helpful if for instance you would like to analyse the setup and structure of your Brightspace Course on paper.


No. All and any choice you add in the Brightspace Matrix can be saved as pdf (click the print icon)

In specific cases, such as in online, blended or flipped courses, some elements need more attention. These elements were placed under this tab.

Click the ‘why’ button per element.

If ‘A’ reflects how you set up x or y in your Brightspace Course, students often perceive this as least desirable. Students have indicated that level B is more desirable, and level C would be facilitating their learning experience best.


C includes B. So Click C.

Refresh and/or use a different browser. If this doesn’t work, contact Teaching & Learning Support.

Click the printer icon.

The document icon allows you to export an empty version of the Brightspace Matrix. You can use this to score your Brightspace course on paper, for instance.

Insights based on student input, lecturer input, and vast experience in supporting campus courses at TU Delft by Teaching & Learning Support.

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