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Annotate student submissions to assignments

Annotate student submissions to assignments

Lecturers can use the built-in annotation toolbar in Assignments to provide contextual feedback with highlighting, free hand drawing, shapes, and associated commenting. This allows them to complete all their evaluation and feedback work directly in Assignments, without the need to use any external tools or applications. Annotations remain editable until the feedback is published by the lecturer. If additional feedback needs to be added after publishing, annotations can simply be updated and re-published. The main features of the annotations toolbar are highlighted below. Click on the picture for full screen view.

The features available in the annotations Toolbar are:

  • Highlighting, Drawing & Erasing
  • Notes & Text
  • Drawing Shapes

Selected settings will be kept until a new setting selection is made.

Lecturers can easily markup text on a document via an intuitive highlight menu with support for highlighting, strikethrough, and underlining. Select the text which you would like to highlight.

You can now highlight, strikethrough or underline the statement.

Using the pen tool, you can draw anywhere on a document, move, resize, and change appearance — including color, thickness, and opacity.

You can also add text anywhere in the document. Move, resize, and change appearance — including font, size, alignment, and colour

There is also the possibility of adding longer comments, which can be collapsed or expanded to the document. These notes can have different appearance as you can choose their layout from  variety of shapes and .

Clicking anywhere else on the screen will collapse the note.

By default, annotations are turned on. If you wish to turn them off, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Assignments and from the drop down menu select Edit Assignment
  2. On the right panel, click Evaluation & Feedback and then uncheck Annotation Tools.

Publishing the feedback

After finishing your annotations you can then click on Publish and students will be able to see their assignment submission feedback with the annotations. You can learn more about how students can see the feedback by clicking here.

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