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Academic Year Transition

Academic Year Transition

On this page you will find information that is relevant to your new course. The information listed below will guide you through the set-up of your course for the new academic year and any steps you might need to take to finalize your new course.

On this page, you will find the following information:


Please note that content has not been copied for all faculties:

  • The course content of last year’s course has not been copied if your course belongs to the following faculties:
    • Applied Sciences;
    • Architecture and the Built Environment;
    • Civil Engineering and Geosciences;
    • Industrial Design Engineering.
  • Please note: If you belong to one of these faculties and used Möbius last year, we did copy the course content for you. Make sure you read the information on Möbius for this academic year.
  • For information on how to copy course content yourself, please view the how to copy content page.
  • If content was copied to your course by accident, please contact Teaching & Learning Support.

Content (not) copied

If your course received a course copy, please note that all course content from last year was copied except for the elements listed below.

Content NOT copied:

  • Text added to Overview. It is not possible to copy this automatically. If you wish to have the text there, you can simply copy-paste it from the old to the new course.
    When the Overview section is left empty, this feature will not show up for students.
  • Announcements.
  • Student data, such as enrollments, grades and submitted quizzes, surveys and assignments.
  • Instructors and Course Managers.
  • All links to Möbius homework, including any grade items associated with these.

Course Information

  • All courses contain the standard Course Information structure.
  • Each section within Course Information contains a link that loads information directly from the StudyGuide. Updates to the StudyGuide need to be made when information is incorrect.
  • Any information added to Course Information in your old course, has been copied to your new course and this information has been set to ‘hidden’.
  • It is possible to add specific information in each sub-module of Course Information, and Templates were created to make this easier.

How to check and activate your course

All courses are set to inactive by default. Inactive courses do not show in the Course Catalog and are not available for self-enrollment.

All modules within your course, except the Course Information module, have been set to Hidden. This gives you the chance to review, correct and change content before giving students access to your course.


Please check the following items in your course:

  • Course Information module (when information is incorrect, please follow these instructions).
  • Content, Discussion Forums, Assignments.
  • Any (direct) links in your content. This can be links to websites, internal links to Assignments, links to files stored in Course files, links from Assignments to Grade items, etc.
  • Gradebook and Rubrics.
  • Request access to any External Learning Tools that you will use this year and are not yet available in your course.
  • Check any dates that might be set on Release Conditions in Content, Assignments, Quizzes, etc. You can also use the Manage Dates Tool to do this.
  • Connect all (new) Möbius homework (see more information on Mobius below).


To finalise your course:


If you used Mobius last year, new module called Links to Möbius Classes is placed in your new course. This module contains two links to Möbius:

  1. Möbius Question Bank
    This is where you primarily manage your questions (some instructors also create assignments here).
  2. Möbius Year Class 2021-2022
    This is the NEW class from which you need to link your assignments/tests to your Brightspace course. This way, your students’ results are registered in this Möbius class.

All old Möbius links were removed from your new Brightspace course as they link to last year’s class instead of this year’s class. You have to place the new links to Möbius assignments in your Brightspace course yourself to make them available for students.

If you want to use Möbius, and have not done so yet in previous years, please contact Teaching & Learning Support.


Course Managers and/or Instructors are added automatically to a Brightspace course based on information registered in Osiris. However, there are a number of reasons why your courses are not visible to you. Please contact Teaching & Learning Support if you have any questions.

Content of last year’s course was not copied if your course belongs to the faculty of Applied Sciences, Architecture and the Built Environment, Civil Engineering and Geosciences or Industrial Design Engineering. Please view the Support Website on how to copy content yourself. If you would like the Support Team to copy it for you, please send an email with the course code, course quarter and course name to

Yes, the Support team can delete all content for you. Please send an email to with your course code and course name.

Brightspace tools are continuously updated and you can find an overview of what is new under the News section on the Support Website.

Teaching & Learning Support contact information:

To check our complete contact details, please go to this page.

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